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Divine Prayer Group

Namaste 🙏🏻

Experience the healing power of prayer in my Divine Prayer Group. With the blessings and divine guidance of Divine Mother Shakti and Bhagwan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, this group was formed with the intention of spreading well-being during challenging times like Covid. For over a year now, every Saturday, I have been praying for the welfare of all members in the group. Many have shared their profound experiences of healing. Join this group to send prayer requests for yourself and your loved ones.

Who Can Join?

This group welcomes individuals of all religions and regions. I invite all those who hold a strong belief in the power of prayers.


Participating in this sacred service (Sewa) is completely free of charge.


To receive the blessings of Divine Mother and Nityananda Guru, simply submit your details in the format shared within the group every Saturday. Adhering to the shared format is essential.

What to Avoid?

Please refrain from using negative words, sending messy messages, or sharing any forwarded content. Only prayer requests are encouraged.

Important Note:

This Sewa is conducted with pure intentions and is not associated with any claims or guarantees of problem resolution. I serve as a humble medium for your prayers.

Additional Group Benefits:

Every Friday, the group is open for sharing personal experiences. On other days, expect beneficial content such as YouTube videos, Instagram posts, or workshop details aimed at healing and transformation. Participation in these activities is optional. Rest assured, prayers will be offered for every member of the group.

Joining Guidelines:

Please join the group only if you resonate with our values and believe in the potency of prayer. We kindly request members to avoid unnecessary joining and leaving.

Group Link:

Charity Initiatives

In addition to our spiritual services, SPG is dedicated to giving back to the community. Through food drives, we extend support to the poor and needy. It will delight you boundlessly to know that your investment in SPG programs unlocks the power of blessings. A fraction of your investment is dedicated to serving humanity, amplifying the impact of your involvement. This not only transforms your own journey but also initiates a chain reaction of positivity. 

Join me in crafting a brighter future through acts of kindness and positive change. Your participation is a catalyst for transformation and upliftment.

For any inquiries or further details, feel free to contact me.