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Shape your destiny, unleash boundless potential

No predictions, just empowering creation.

Shakti Payal Goda has transformed more than 20000 lives through her online & offline workshops, seminars, personalised programs, live sessions, youtube videos and online courses.

Personalised Students

Elevate Your Event or Team with Inspirational Coaching and Speaking

Welcome to my world of motivation and empowerment!
If you’ve been inspired by the content I share on my page and YouTube channel, I’m thrilled to let you know that I’m now available to bring that inspiration directly to your office, community, or club. As a seasoned motivational coach and speaker, I’m passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve their fullest potential.

Discover the Possibilities:

  • Motivational Workshops: Ignite enthusiasm and drive in your team with tailored motivational workshops that leave a lasting impact.
  • Corporate Empowerment: Foster a culture of growth and collaboration through engaging corporate training sessions.
  • Journey to Self-Love: Embark on a transformative self-love journey through personalized coaching sessions.

Let's Make It Happen:

Your next event can be an unforgettable experience filled with inspiration and growth. I’m here to collaborate and create a custom workshop or talk that meets your unique needs.

Get in Touch: