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I am Shakti Payal Goda, and I invite you to join me on a journey of transformation and self-discovery. My story is one of growth, empowerment, and the profound impact of self-love.

Not too long ago, I was known for feeling deeply – emotions often took their toll. The opinions of others wounded me deeply, and I allowed myself to be easily affected. My self-worth was intertwined with external validation, leading to a cycle of hurt and emotional exhaustion. I invested myself fully in others, often losing sight of my own needs.

A pivotal moment arrived in 2008, with the end of a significant six-year relationship. The pain was excruciating and radiated into every aspect of my life – career, health, identity. I spiralled into a state of deep depression. The following year, I embarked on a journey of seeking healing and self-discovery, undertaking numerous courses. Despite my efforts, I still missed the right self-connection and true self-discovery. I embarked on a gradual journey of transformation, making deliberate changes in my life. However, the path of manifestation wasn’t an effortless one for me. Beneath the surface, my pain remained unaddressed, waiting to be acknowledged and healed.

In 2015, the breakthrough arrived. Finally, I realized that what I had been seeking outside was within me all along. The breakthrough came as I started to address my pains, connecting deeply with my true self, and igniting the infinite potential within me. I embraced a journey of self-love, and that marked the beginning of true transformation.

By 2016, Shakti: The Power Within You was born – a platform dedicated to empowering others through self-love coaching. That same year, I also attracted my dream life partner, and in 2020, we celebrated our union.

Self-love became my compass for transformation. Through this realization, I began manifesting my dreams with remarkable ease. This very revelation is what I am here to share with you. If you choose to embrace the SPG journey, you will uncover the ability to elevate your self-love consciousness – a potent tool that sets my coaching apart.

I encourage you to take this step toward empowerment and growth. Just as I rewrote my story, you can too. Let’s walk this path together, transforming your life into a narrative of empowerment and self-love.

Why Shakti Payal Goda?
Immersive Learning

I’ve dedicated more than a decade to my personal growth journey, investing not only time but also a significant financial commitment. During this self exploration journey, I’ve studied under spiritual gurus, mind power trainers, and healers from around the world to delve into the depths of the Science of Self and Manifestation, Cosmic Healing, Spirituality, Mindfulness and Subconscious Mind Power. This knowledge forms the foundation of the coaching I offer.

Holistic Fusion
My coaching approach is a fusion of various disciplines, aimed at nurturing every facet of your being. Through SPG, you’ll encounter a curated blend of spiritual wisdom, metaphysical insights, the potency of the subconscious mind, and the resonance of heart and soul consciousness. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded and sustainable journey to self-love and manifestation mastery.
Empathetic Connection
Having personally traversed the path of self-loss, I intimately understand the challenges and setbacks that can arise. I’ve stood where you stand now, feeling the struggles and yearning for transformation. This shared experience allows me to connect on a deeper level and guide you through the process, with empathy and authenticity.
Living Proof
My own journey stands as a testament to the efficacy of the coaching and tools you’ll encounter within SPG. By incorporating these practices, I’ve manifested profound positive shifts in my life – from attracting a dream life partner to realizing career aspirations. My story is a living example of the transformation that awaits you.