Sunday Self-Care Day


After a long week of physical labor, mental stress and emotional drain you need a day to peep inside you!! If Sunday is one of your offs than you must spare, stole and save a possible portion of your day to pamper yourself!!

You need to take some time out for yourself:” Me time”. This special time out should be dedicated to self-love and self-care!!

Here’s a list of activities you can perform to relax, rejuvenate and restore your power and energy!!

Note: Since it is Me time: It must include only you:

Meditate: One of the best ways to tap into the world within you and witness your thoughts and emotions more closely and clearly.

Self-talk: We all have all updates of what is happening in the world outside but we are completely unaware what is going within our own-selves. Communication with self opens up suppressed issues and unaddressed negative emotions which can act as a blockage to your success, relationships and self-esteem if not paid heed to.

Listen to soothing music: Music is one of the most effective healing therapy. Listening to soothing and inspiring music can heal your negative emotions and can act as a channel to express through it thus venting out your emotions in a most efficacious way.

Massages: Head massage, foot massage, back or full body massage can also be very helpful in ameliorating your physical and mental well-being. You can take professional help here to get best results.

Pursue a hobby: In our mundane life, we often miss to spend time on activities that connect us to our soul. Hobby brings out our best version and aids to overall development.

Treat yourself: Treating and making oneself feel special boosts up self-confidence and make us more receiving. Doing so our self-worth enhances and we become more ready and capable to handle future challenges.

YOU are the super hero of your life on whom your entire life depends on. So love yourself and take care of yourself.

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